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Motorcycle Chain Maintenance Using KettenMax Cleaning Kit  

Chain cleaning is an integral part of motorcycle maintenance, and if not performed regularly it can be very costly to bike owners. Chain maintenance is often overlooked because it can be very messy and time-consuming, but there is an easier way.

 Dirt and grit tend to stick to the motorbike chain and when neglected, the particles can get into the joints and cause premature wear.

Chain corrosion is another prevalent issue for people who don't clean and lubricate their chains regularly.

A rusty, dry or dirty chain will never be as efficient as a well-kept chain, resulting in power loss at the back wheel, and reduced service life.

Regular maintenance extends chain life by up to 300%, saving time and money in putting new chains. Ideally, the chain needs to be maintained periodically after 600-700 kilometres of usage depending on the terrain and riding conditions.


For some, cleaning the chain can be a time-consuming and difficult task. It can be messy and frustrating, especially without the right tools and techniques.  

One common chain cleaning practice is removing the chain from the bike, bathing it in paraffin or kerosene, and reinstalling it. This process is tedious, messy and complicated. Some also don't remove the chain and use a spare toothbrush or pressure washers to clean it. But these techniques can damage the chain by driving water, mud, and dirt into the crevices between the rubber rings and the metal links.

Fortunately, cleaning and lubricating the chain is now easier thanks to tools like the KettenMax Cleaning Kit. These devices employ a series of brushes to clean the chain's inner links, outer links, and rollers while keeping the mess contained. Compared to the usual brush approach, they can perform a better job of removing filth off the chains.


KettenMax Chain Cleaning Kit

KettenMax is a leading designer and manufacturer of chain cleaning and lubrication kits for both motorcycles and bicycles. It is widely accepted as the industry standard for chain maintenance. The KettenMax method allows motorcycle owners to clean and lube their chains even in a confined area. The unique internal brush mechanism cleans the chain thoroughly and safely before lubricating it, ensuring that the lube is applied consistently and evenly.


The KettenMax system is made of a basic plastic shell with two halves, upper and lower, each containing a set of brushes. It is fastened around the chain, and the chain moves through the brushes by rotating the wheel by hand. The brushes wrap around the chain for optimum coverage without the hassle and mess of manually scrubbing with brushes and rags.


The kit includes hoses that can be used to apply the cleaning solution and lubricant. It also has a bag which will be attached to the bottom of the device to collect the cleaning fluid and the dirt from the chain.


KettenMax has two main variations – the Classic and the Premium. The KettenMax Classic comes with one set of lateral brushes that must be cut to fit your chain width and does not include the drain bag. The KettenMax Premium comes with four sets of lateral brushes to accommodate various chain sizes. This is beneficial if you own various motorcycles. It also contains a catch bag that screws on to the bottom of the device for easy collection of the waste. For both versions, a variety of spare parts are available to keep the device in good operating order.


                                  KETTENMAX CHAIN CLEANING KIT (CLASSIC)      KETTENMAX CHAIN CLEANING KIT (Premium)


Cleaning fluid is not included in KettenMax kits. You may get your cleaning fluid at any local bike shop or some just use kerosene from a hardware store. As little as 100ml of cleaning solution is adequate to clean the chain.


Advantages of Using KettenMax

     With the KettenMax Premium, the appropriate lateral brushes are supplied for each chain width, and there is no longer a need to cut them. Selecting the most suitable brush is simple, thanks to the available coloured templates.

     It has compact dimensions and can easily be positioned on the chain. The redesigned quick-lock system allows for easy set up.

     The drain bag is attached directly to the bottom of the device so the contaminated cleaning solution and any surplus lubricant will be properly contained for easy disposal.

     The drain bag can be reused.

     It is made from high-quality materials, and a reliable construction process for longer service life.

How to Use the KettenMax Chain Cleaner

     Motorcycle Preparation: Turn off the engine, put the motorcycle in neutral, and jack it up on the centre stand or paddock stand.


     Cleaning Kit Set up: Measure the internal chain link's width using the template, then choose the appropriate brushes based on the template colour. Load all the four side brushes into the cleaning chamber. Place the top and bottom parts of the chamber over the chain at a convenient location and secure it with the rubber strap. Secure the device at the front and back using the quick-release adjustable cord.


The drain bag is then screwed onto the bottom of the cleaning chamber. Attach the cleaning fluid tubes to the chamber, with one of the Y-distributor tubes on the top left side nozzle (chain ingoing side) and the other on the bottom nozzle. Connect the other end of the hose to the cleaning fluid bottle.


     Cleaning: Invert the cleaning bottle, and squeeze it lightly while turning the rear wheel. As the chain rotates, it goes through the brushes in the cleaning chamber, removing built-up debris and dirt. The used chain cleaning fluid goes down the cleaning chamber and drains into the collection bag. Allow 3 to 5 minutes for the chain to dry.


     Lubricating: Unscrew the cleanser bottle and disconnect the hoses. Install the lubricating hose on the chamber's top nozzle (chain outgoing side). Supply the lubricant while slowly rotating the back wheel. Brushes allow for the even distribution of the lubricant, covering the critical inner side of the chain.

Where to Get KettenMax Chain Cleaning Kit for Your Motorcycle?

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