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List of products by brand Inuteq

Inuteq is based in the Netherlands and the world's leading company in developing and manufacturing innovative personal cooling technologies and products. Inuteq products are available for work and during sport or leisure and are sure to keep you comfortably cool.

The patented Inuteq-Dy range uses a limited amount of water for maximum output. Depending on conditions, products may offer from 1-3 days of cooling usage. Once refilled, products will immediately start cooling again. Cooling vests can be worn in up to 45 degrees celsius and work best in low to medium humidity environments. 

Inuteq H20 evaporative cooling technology is a super absorption cooling fabric offering both the highest standard in evaporation cooling and economical pricing for all. Products are activated by soaking them in water. Excess water is easily squeezed out and they are ready to wear. Depending on humidity and airflow, the products will cool you down for 2-8 hours, depending on conditions.