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The revolutionary chain maintenance device that eliminates all the fuss and mess associated with chain maintenance.


Why should I maintain my chain?
The advantages of a well maintained chain include greatly extended chain life (up to 300% longer), and smoother running resulting in more power to the rear wheel. Not to mention greatly reducing the risk of major damage caused by catastrophic chain failure.

Can I clean and lube my chain without making a mess?
Yes you can. The KettenMax system consists of a simple plastic casing in two halves, upper and lower, that contain a series of brushes. This is assembled around the chain and anchored to the frame. Rotating the wheel by hand draws the chain through the device and the brushes go to work. Cleaning fluid is applied via the included plastic bottle and hoses. The dirty fluid and all dirt removed from the chain is collected in a container or bag at the bottom of the device.


How do I lube my chain with Kettenmax?
Your favourite chain lube can be sprayed into the unit via the included adaptor, and by slowly rotating the wheel the brushes will distribute the lubricant to where it is needed and not on your back tyre. It is that easy and it is all over in just a few minutes.

What cleaning fluid should I use and how much will I need?
Due to shipping restrictions, the KettenMax units are not supplied with cleaning fluid. You can source your cleaning fluid from your favourite bike shop, or most people use kerosene available from your local hardware. The cleaning process can use less than 100ml of fluid.

I have several bikes, can I use the Kettenmax on all of them?
The Kettenmax comes in two variants, Classic and Premium. The KettenMax Classic comes with one set of lateral brushes that need to be trimmed to suit the width of your chain, and it drains out a hose in the bottom of the unit into a container. The KettenMax Premium has four sets of lateral brushes to suit different size chains. This is ideal if you have more than one bike. It also has a catch bag that screws onto the bottom of the unit for easier handling of the waste.

Kettenmax ClassicKettenmax Premium

Can I get replacement brushes for the KettenMax?
Yes, a range of spare parts is available for both models to keep the unit in good working order.

Where can I get more information about Kettenmax?
Motorrad Garage stocks the complete Kettenmax range. More information can be found by clicking here: KETTENMAX

Here is a short video which shows just how quick and easy chain maintenance is with Kettenmax.