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ZLOK Security Ties now at Motorrad Garage

Motorrad Garage are now importing Z-LOK Security Ties from Hiplok in the UK

What is better than a cable tie - A reusable cable tie with key or number lock.

Z-LOKS are a great solution for short term security. No matter if it’s your helmet, jacket or a bag you want to lock to your bike, Z-LOKS are perfect for the job. But they are of course not restricted to just lock items to your motorbike, their use has been proven in many other walks of life.

The inner stainless steel band is covered by toughened nylon, which gives you a robust deterrent within a light weight and compete package. 

Z-LOKS are available in two versions, a 50 cm long combination lock and a 40 cm long keyed version, and of course in different colours.

For more information, click on the following link to view our Security Products