Chain Cleaning Kit Classic 390017 KettenMax
  • Chain Cleaning Kit Classic 390017 KettenMax
  • Chain Cleaning Kit Classic 390017 KettenMax
  • Chain Cleaning Kit Classic 390017 KettenMax
  • Chain Cleaning Kit Classic 390017 KettenMax

KettenMax Chain Cleaning Kit (Classic)

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Classic Chain Cleaning Kit by Kettenmax

The perfect solution for cleaning and lubricating your motorcycle's chain. The sturdy Kettenmax Classic is made from high quality materials and built to last. An "O"ring fastener makes the device very easy to install, while the compact dimensions mean that fitting it to your chain is very simple, even in the proximity of the wheel rim. This kit comes with one set of brushes that need to be trimmed to suit the size of your chain.

Benefits of a chain maintained by Kettenmax

  • Chain and sprockets are perfectly cleaned, lubricated and protected against rust
  • Extends service life by up to 300%
  • Reduced need for maintenance, as chain maintained with Kettenmax stretches 30% less, which means more kilometres before the tension needs adjusting
  • More power at the rear wheel. Chain friction is a cause of power loss between engine and tyre. Chain care with Kettenmax considerably reduces friction, which means more horsepower is transmitted to the rear wheel.
  • Lubricant is not flung on to the rear tyre. Firstly because it is sprayed on in small, measured amounts and secondly because of the precise application and distribution.
  • No lubricant is sprayed onto the frame or wheel. The lubricant spray is applied direct to the inner side of the chain by the Kettenmax system.
  • Very economical use of cleaner and lubricant becasuse they only go where they are needed, with no waste.
  • The reward for Kettenmax care is exact gear-shifting with minimum effort.
  • Chain care with Kettenmax can prevent chian slap, clanking and squeal, resulting in a quietly purring chain and greater safety. The most common cause of a broken chain is inadequate care. Increased fricttion and heat lead to premature wear and weaken the chain. Care with Kettenmax effectively prevents this and therefor greately helps improve safety.


  • Top and bottom brush carrier
  • Bottle for cleaning solution
  • Screw cap
  • Screw cap with nozzle
  • Large and small hook
  • Cord with fastener
  • Connection hose for bottle and Y-distributor
  • Y-distributor and hose
  • Lubrication adapter
  • Brushes

Please Note: Due to restrictions, this kit does not ship with any cleaning fluids or lube.


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KettenMax Chain Cleaning Kit (Classic)

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