Mini Foot Pump - Digital | 1004.D

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Mini Foot Pump - Digital

$62.00 *  

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Product Code: [ 1004.D ]

This is the Original Mini Foot Pump from Bikers Dream of Germany. Take a careful look at this pump and you will notice the massive barrel that gives this pump it's integrity and reliability. 

At the flip of a lever choose either high volume to get a huge amount of air into the tyre for seating beads,or high pressure mode when topping up for faster inflation. The high quality integrated pressure gauge removes all the guess work and ensures optimum performance. 
Why use a foot pump? Because in most cases it means a faster, easier and more reliable use when you don't need to fumble around or strip half your bike trying to hook up electrical cables. 



  • Digital Display
  • Built in Tyre pressure gauge
  • Nylon carry bag for fitment to bike
  • Shot off Valve for High Pressure or High Volume Air fill
  • Size when packed - 19cm x 10cm x 8cm.
  • TESTED: Inflates a rear R1200GS tyre from 0 psi to 38 psi in less than 3 minutes!


Do not be confused or mislead by the cheap Chinese knock offs, that go by a similar description or name and only provide a thin barrel. (Try using one of those when wearing motorcycle boots)

Mini Foot Pump - Digital
Mini Foot Pump - Digital Mini Foot Pump - Digital

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