Sunax BX Dark Sun Shield

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Sunax BX Dark is for eyes that don't react sensitively to sunlight and rarely need sun glasses.
Glare is the bane of all riders and living in the country with the highest UV levels in the world only makes it worse for Australian riders. 
The Sunax Sunshield is the creation of Dr. Gernot Heine and Dr. JorgStrobel in 1999. 
After 2 years of development and testing at Gottingen University and constant road testing, the patented Sunax Classic Sunshield was released to the market. 
The Sunax Sunshields use a combination of high technology materials and a natural human response when subjected to increased glare levels to provide the epitome of glare protection in a world where UV and Lux levels are constantly changing. 
Sunax Sunshields are manufactured in Germany using highly precise, laser cut German materials and are certified to ECE 22-05. 

SUNAX 'BX' is especially suited for road touring,adventure touring and enduro sports use. 

  • No more irritating Sunglass frames 
  • No need to carry a clear and tinted helmet visor anymore 
  • You can fit the Sunax sun shield to all helmets with a gap between inner lining and outer shell.If uncertain, run a credit card or similar from one side of the helmet to the other 
  • You cannot fit a helmet with an integrated sun visor like SCHUBERTH C3.
Sunax BX Dark Sun Shield
Sunax BX Dark Sun Shield Sunax BX Dark Sun Shield Sunax BX Dark Sun Shield


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