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Sunax BX Dark Sun Shield
Sunax BX Dark is for eyes that don't react sensitively to sunlight and rarely need sun glasses. Gla..
$41.95 $21.95
Ex Tax: $21.95
Sunax BX Silver Sunshield
Sunax BX Silver is best for light sensitive eyes. Glare is the bane of all riders and living in..
$48.95 $24.95
Ex Tax: $24.95
Sunax BX Steel Sun Shield
The Sunax BX Steel is the best choice of shield for eyes that react very sensitively to sunlight.&nb..
$56.95 $27.95
Ex Tax: $27.95
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Looking for a high performance sun shield that attaches seamlessly to your helmet, and really delivers on UV blockage? The Sunax line of highly engineered shields is for you. These patented sun shields provide the best possible glare protection and UV shielding to riders battling the harsh Aussie sun.

Motorrad Garage stocks Sunax shields for two different makes of helmet - Arai or BX. The shields themselves come in 'steel' and 'silver' models, each of which suits a different riding position and provides a different degree of blockage. If you're not sure which would be best for your helmet, please feel free to contact us on (08) 9472 9768, or email your enquiry and best contact details to

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