Rotopax 1.75 Gallon Water Cell RX-1.75W
  • Rotopax 1 Gallon Water Cell RX-1W
  • Rotopax 1.75 Gallon Water Cell RX-1.75W
  • Rotopax 2 Gallon Water Cell RX-2W
  • Rotopax 2 Gallon Gen 2 Water Cell RX-X-2W
  • Rotopax standard pack mount RX-PM
  • Rotopax Deluxe Pack Mount RX-DLX-PM
  • Rotopax LOX Pack Mount RX-LOX-PM
  • Rotopax Pack Mount Extension RX-EXT
  • Rotopax 3 Gallon Pack Mount Extension RX-3EXT

Rotopax Water Cells (1 - 2 Gallons)

Product Code: [ RX-Water ]
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Water Cells by Rotopax - From $75.00

Like the fuel cells, Rotopax water cells are rotationally molded to create the toughest water storage.

Ideal for storing any potable liquids, and also able to be frozen. 

A self venting spout is included for easy pouring, as well as a new and improved ratchet style closure to ensure the cap stays on tight.
Made from food grade plastic so safe for drinking, but not suitable for fuel.
Various mounting options are available which include top mounting to rear racks which provides a great base for the packing of tents/sleeping bags etc or side mounted to pannier frames. 

Dimensions / Sizes:

  • 1 Gallon (3.8 L): 23cm x 34cm x 8cm
  • 1.75 Gallon (6.6L): 33cm x 37.5cm x 9cm
  • 2 Gallon (7.5L): 46cm x34 cm x 8cm (Has specially moulded bottom for joining 2 cells together)
  • 2 Gallon, Generation 2: 44cm x 34cm x 8cm

Pack mounts are not part of the water cells and need to be selected from the drop down list.

Pack Mounts:

  • Pack Mount (RX-PM): The quickest way to mount your fuel or water cells. Can be used with included base plate or remove plate to attach mount direct by bolting up through the bottom or down through the top. 
  • DLX Pack Mount: Offers the ability to fine tune the tenssion to really clamp down the fuel or water cell tight. 
  • LOX Pack Mount: A more secure way to lock down your water or fuel cells. Comes with 2 keys.


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Rotopax Water Cells (1 - 2 Gallons)

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