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12v BMW/Euro-style socket
12v BMW/Euro style socket connection. Can be fitted into the cockpit aor mounted on a side panel or ..
Ex Tax: $38.00
12v Cigarette-style socket
12v Waterproof Cigarette-style socket lighter connection. Can be fitted into a Cockpit panel or sid..
Ex Tax: $48.00
12v Mini/Cigarette Plug to Micro USB Cable
This Micro USB charge lead offers a maximum power output of 2,000 mA. It's suitable to charge and ..
Ex Tax: $57.00
12v Mini/Cigarette Plug to Mini USB Cable with Garmin adapter
This adapter allows you to charge your Garmin GPS Unit through the mini USB port. The kit inc..
Ex Tax: $57.00
Adapter SAE to Cigarette Outlet
Adapter SAE to Cigarette Lighter Outlet   Allows connection from SAE Tankbag connector..
Ex Tax: $19.00
BMW/Euro-style plug to SAE
Adapter Norm Plug to SAE by SW-Motech   This plug enables connection from Norm outlet t..
Ex Tax: $29.00
Cigarette Lighter Kit with USB Charger
Universal Cigarette Lighter Kit   The Universal Kit allows power supply of electric acces..
Ex Tax: $77.00
Cigarette Plug to SAE
This plug enables connection form cigarette lighter outlet to SAE Tankbag connector. Voltage ..
Ex Tax: $27.00
Cigarette socket to USB Charger
Simply connect this unit to a cigarette lighter socket and you will be able to charge devices via th..
Ex Tax: $15.00
SAE Outlet to Cigarette & DIN Socket
Cigarette Ligher & DIN Power Socket for SAE Y-Connection by SW-Motech   Convert SAE..
Ex Tax: $38.00
SAE Outlet to SW-Motech Electric Topring
For use with all Electrified Bags-Connection Quick-Lock tankbags. Electrical tank rings sold separat..
Ex Tax: $9.00
SAE to Dual Cigarette Socket
12 Volt Adapter SAE To Cigarette Lighter Sockets (2) by SW-Motech   This connector ends..
Ex Tax: $38.00
Tank Bag / Rear Bag Cable Feed-Through
This water resistant unit enables you to run audio cables or hydration system to your Bags-Connect..
Ex Tax: $19.00
USB Adapter to Cigarette Lighter Plug - Double
This 2000 mA double USB adapter allows charging of smart phones, tablet PCs, navigation sytems and o..
Ex Tax: $25.00
USB Port Double & Cable Harness
Double USB port with Cable Harness   Allows the operation of external electronic devices th..
Ex Tax: $57.00
USB Power Port (double) With Universal Plug
Double USB Power Port with Universal Plug and Pivoting Body by SW-Motech   This doub..
Ex Tax: $66.00
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Powerlet is an American manufacturer of electrical devices and cables designed to stand up to cold, wet conditions, as well as the interruption and damage that is potentially caused by the high vibration of a bike. They allow you to convert the cigarette lighter socket or other outlet into a power source for your electrical accessories, from a mini-USB suitable for GPS , or a regular USB for other devices, amongst many applications.

Motorrad Garage currently stocks a select range of Powerlet converters, designed to provide flexibility and convenience in powering your electronics. Mounting brackets are sold separately; see 'Related Products' under the adapter of your choice to find a compatible one.

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