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No matter where your ride takes you, there is motorcycle luggage for every occasion

Not all motorcycles have the ability to carry a large amount of luggage. Whether it is a cruiser, touring bike, or sports bike, there are space restrictions, which means riders have to plan how much luggage they can carry and how to best secure it. Motorcycle specific luggage options are the perfect solution, as specifics are taken into account. Riders can choose from more permanently mounted luggage, which in most cases requires the installation of rear luggage racks or side pannier racks. As luggage racks in most cases are bike specific, they offer a perfect fit.

There are various types of luggage for motorcycle riders to choose from. Motorcycle riders usually choose their luggage according to the type of riding they do.  Longer rides may require luggage options, which provide a larger volume like pannier bags or top cases, whereas shorter trips like a commute to work or a day trip, might only require a tank bag.

Here are some different motorcycle luggage options, which might be suitable for your next trip.


Saddlebags come in many different shapes and size and are often the preferred type of luggage for off-road riding. They are lighter in weight than hard panniers, simple to mount and remove and often don’t require pannier racks. Sizes start from as low as 6 Litres per bag and range up to 30 Litres and more per bag.

Many saddlebags have incorporated smaller pockets on the sides or tops, which come in handy for organising smaller items you might need in easy reach while travelling. When settling in for the night during longer trips, you can easily remove the bags and store them away from your bike.

One of the toughest brands of motorcycle luggage is the gear from Enduristan and their range of soft panniers covers most types of riding.

monsoon 3

Enduristan’s Monsoon 3 Saddle bags


Enduristan's Monsoon 3 Saddlebags are suitable for a large range of motorcycles and some adventure bike may not even need additional pannier racks. The bags stay securely in place even in the worst off-road riding circumstances. Its design is meant to keep the luggage weight close to the centre. Each bag has a volume of 30 Litres and other smaller Enduristan bags can be attached for additional capacity.

Enduristan’s Blizzard Saddlebags


Another popular luggage solution from Enduristan are the revolutionary Blizzard Saddlebags, which are perfect for Enduro bike. They allow unrestricted movement while riding off-road. During steep descents, the bags won't get in the way of your calves if you bend to the back. The Enduristan saddlebags don't have any extra straps on the exterior, so there are no risks of them getting caught on branches during off-road adventures. They are constructed from an incredibly sturdy 3-layer fabric, have double-stitched straps, and have buckles on the front straps that can support up to 225 kg. Bags are available in 12-34 Litres

Tank Bags

A motorcycle tank bag is a practical addition to your rear luggage system, or on its own while out for a shorter ride. Smaller tank bags are ideal for storing smaller items, like your phone, keys, wallet, or a bottle of water.  Larger bags can also hold a change of clothing and a few toiletries when going on an overnight excursion.

enduristan tank bag

Enduristan’s Sandstorm 4 strap-on tank bag


Enduristan's Sandstorm 4 strap-on tank bag range offers different sizes to choose from. Whether you need a tank bag for a large adventure bike or a small enduro bike, there is an Enduristan tank bag, which fits your bike. The Sandstorm range includes bags from 3.5 to 20 Litres. Bags are water and dust proof and therefore perfect for carrying essentials or valuables. All bags have a welded design and incorporated straps keep them securely mounted to your bike, even during the toughest off-road trip. Quick release buckles allow easy removal of the bag for refuelling. A shoulder strap is available as an optional extra.

Tail Packs

Smaller tail packs are often chosen as alternative or simply better option to tank bags, especially for enduro bikes. When a rider can’t or doesn’t want to carry a large amount of luggage, the Enduristan Rally Pack and Tail Pack are often the bags of choice. Both bags mount to the bikes rear fender and are therefore not getting in the way of the rider.

The smaller size Rally Pack features 3.5 Litres, just enough to carry a few spare parts or personal items. The larger Tail Pack features 8 litres and can carry spare parts and personal items at the same time. It has 4 metal hooks, which secure it to the rear fender.

Both bags have a red inner liner for higher visibility and are packed with lots of other features, like additional mesh pockets and holding loops. The zipper (waterproof) allows easy access to items inside the bag. And like all the Enduristan gear, the bags are 100% water and dust proof.

tail bag

Enduristan’s Tail Pack



Rally bag

Enduristan’s Rally Pack



Where to Get Enduristan Luggage for your next trip

Packing for a motorcycle trip can be challenging and frustrating when the luggage at hand doesn’t meet your demands for volume and / or suitability for the terrain you plan to ride through. You trip will be a whole lot smoother when you invest your time and money in a luggage solution, which best meets your needs

Enduristan is one of the brands offering various motorcycle bags, from sturdy tail packs to spacious saddle bags. Before committing to the purchase of a new luggage set-up, try fitting your choice of luggage to your bike to determine whether it is the right fit for your motorcycle, but also whether it is the best solution for the type of riding you plan on doing. If riding with a pillion, ensure pannier bags don’t get in the way of their legs. Or in the case of a rear luggage solution, it doesn’t encroach on the pillion seat.

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