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5 Must-Have Accessories on a Road Trip

Taking long road or off-road trips entails ensuring that motorcycle riders have appropriate gear and accessories for the ride. These accessories can help make the journey safer and more comfortable. Here are five essential motorcycle accessories you should consider for your next long distance ride.

Navigation Mount

Navigation mounts securely hold GPS units or other multimedia devices in place. They can be mounted to the handlebars, cockpit crossbars, steering head, or mirror stems and keep the attached object steady for better visibility. Most navigation mounts are adjustable and can accommodate GPS units, smart phones and cameras.

nav set up

There are two types of GPS mounts – bike-specific and universal GPS mounts. Bike-specific mounts provide a perfect fit for a particular bike and often offer the ideal placement for an optimal viewing angle. Meanwhile, universal mounts can be used on any motorcycle model with no bike-specific mount kits.

Motorcycle Luggage Straps

luggage straps

Whether you are planning a short or long trip, the right straps are vital every time a rider travels with luggage on their bike. The fall-out from luggage being poorly secured to motorcycles can easily ruin a trip, but can also have much more severe consequences. Loose straps can get caught in the rear wheel and unsecured luggage items can slide into the rear fender area, or entirely dislodge from the bike and hit another rider or cars.

Many rear bags come included with straps for mounting to motorcycles and this is sufficient in most cases. But depending on the terrain and / or the amount of luggage needing to be secured to the bike, additional luggage straps are vital. Motorcycle luggage straps come in different styles and length. One of the most common brands are ROK Straps, which are available in different width and length. One section of the strap is elastic, which is part of the reason why ROK straps are so versatile and popular. Another brand of very versatile and reliable straps are Andy Strapz, which are made in Australia. The range includes the simple, but effective Flat Strapz, and the more detailed Smart Strapz.Luggage straps can be a personal preference, but should mainly be chosen by their suitability. They need to be applied correctly and should be re-checked during each ride.


Handguards offer essential protection for the rider’s hands from dirt, gravel, rain, and wind. Using them, in addition to waterproof gloves and heated grips, gives your hands adequate protection. Handguards can also protect the brake and clutch lever in case of a fall or accident. Handguards usually consist of a metal back bone and plastic guards. Plastics covers can also be fitted with optional running lights and indicators. The most commonly known brand of hand guards are Barkbusters. The range includes handguards for all types of bikes, whether you ride on or off road.

Barkbusters handguard

Tyre Repair Kit

The must have accessories for every road or off-road trip. These kits contain a comprehensive set of tools and consumables, which are needed to repair tubed or tubeless tyres. Common inclusions in tyre repair kits are CO2 cartridges, CO2 release valves, repair strings, cold patches, glue, and rasps.

tyre repair

Fuel and Water Cells

Fuel and water are two fluids you would not want to be without when riding in areas where supply is limited. Fuel and water cells come in different shapes and sizes. Actual containers, like Rotopax fuel and water cells, can be mounted to a top rack or to the side carriers, but also transported inside pannier bags. Unlike regular containers, Rotopax cells do not fade or leak even when exposed to harsh conditions. Fuel can also be carried in fuel bladders, which can be strapped to racks, on top of other luggage or to the seat behind the rider. Water is often carried in hydration bladders. Some motorcycle jackets have an large integrated back pocket, which accommodates a water cell. Alternatively, hydration packs can be used, which are carried as a back pack. There is a large range of options to choose from. Simple packs offer space for the water bladder only and larger packs offer extra pockets for storage of other items. Carrying comfort is very important when choosing to ride with a hydration / back pack.

fuel rotopax

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