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Motorrad Garage Team at Adventure Rider Magazine Congregation NSW

This years NSW congregation will be held on the 21st of September and two members of the Sydney Motorrad Garage Team will be making their way to Green Valley Farm. Ed has been to all previous congregations, but it's a first for Motorrad Garage to attend one of the East Coast Congregations.

The boys will be bringing a few interesting prodcuts along for riders to have a look at and Ed is keen to show off his new favorite product. Make sure to come and see the boys at the Motorrad Garage marquee and keep an eye out for the event schedule, so you don't miss Ed's presentation.

No doubt will the magazine crew bring you another succesfull NSW congregation. And if one congregation per year isn't enough for you, don't forget that you can also attend the WA congregation in October, which the Motorrad Garage Team will be hosting in Northcliffe.