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Ninja 1000

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This tyre inflation hose assists in the rapid inflation of tyres which helps to seat the bead.The br..
Airhawk Pillion Small   The Airhawk patented system eliminates painful pressure points an..
Airhawk Dual Sport    The Air Hawk Dual Sport cushion is 30 cm long and 28 cm w..
Alu Rack Kawasaki Ninja 1000 '11-, Ninja 1000 SX '14- by SW-Motech   An adapt..
Kawasaki Ninja 1000 '11- Blaze Sport Saddlebags by SW-Motech   The Blaze Sport Saddl..
The Omni-Cruise is a simple and effective way to override the return spring of a motorcycle's thrott..
DAKAR Panniers "Universal" by SW-Motech   SW-Motech's first 'soft-paniers' are sure ..
The extenda fender helps keep rider and bike cleaner, cuts down on paint damage on the lower fairing..
SW-MOTECH Frame Slider Kit designed specifically to fit the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 '11- & Ninja 100..
Kawasaki Ninja 1000 '11-'13 Ninja 1000 SX '14- (Z1000SX)- Quick-Lock GPS Mount by SW-Motech ..
The simplest and easiest way to clean and lube your drive chain. It`s a must if you hibernate your b..
Same brilliant system as the original, however the Premium package contains different sized brushes ..
Legend Gear Shoulder and Tail Bag by SW-Motech   SW-Motech's Legend Gear is made from sta..
Legend Gear Tool Bag LA5 by SW-Motech   SW-Motech's Legend Gear is made from state-o..
This is the Original Mini Foot Pump from Bikers Dream of Germany. Take a careful look and you will n..
This is the Original Mini Foot Pump from Bikers Dream of Germany. Take a careful look at this p..
Mini Foot Pump Extended Hose for Schrader Valve   2 stage non-leakage valve CNC mach..
Kawasaki Mirror Wideners by SW-Motech   Tired of seeing your own shoulders in your rearvi..
Multitool Key Chain by SW-Motech   MUST HAVE Accessory   This handy little dev..
Rear Bag "CargoBag" by SW-Motech   The "Cargobag" is a sport-touring pack system fea..
Rear Bag "Dry Bag 260" by SW-Motech   Offering 26 litre capacity, this Dry Bag can be str..
Rear Bag "DRY BAG 700" by SW-Motech   Large size dry bag, made from high frequency w..
Rear Bag "Rackpack" by SW-Motech   The "Rackpack" can be strapped to the pillion sea..
"Rearbag" by SW-Motech   The "Rearbag" can be attached to the pillion seat or rear rack o..
Rear Bag "Slipstream" by SW-Motech   The "Slipstream" is a small and compact ta..
AERO ABS Side Cases by SW-Motech   The new model Aero cases sport a slicker design and ar..
RIPPA GRIPS by Motorrad Garage   Motorrad Garage now have their own brand of comfort..
ROK Straps by SW-Motech   ROK Straps "flat stretch straps" are designed specifically for ..
  ROK Straps "flat stretch straps" are designed specifically for motorcycles, ATV's (quads..
Fuel Cells by Rotopax - From $ 89.95     The Rotopax Patented 3 Layer manufacturi..
Water Cells by Rotopax - From $ 65.00   The Rotopax Patented 3 Layer manufacturing proces..
2 Gallon Diesel Cell by Rotopax   The Rotopax Patented 3 Layer manufacturing process, eli..
2 Gallon (7.4 Ltr) Dry Storage Cell by Rotopax Various mounting options are available which inc..
Kawasaki Z 1000 SX / Ninja 1000 '11-'13  Quick-Lock EVO Side Carriers by SW-Motech   ..
Spring Mounting Tool for Centre Stands by SW-Motech   Tool to mount or de-mount centre..
Sunax BX Dark is for eyes that don't react sensitively to sunlight and rarely need sun glasses. Gla..
Sunax BX Silver is best for light sensitive eyes. Glare is the bane of all riders and living in..
The Sunax BX Steel is the best choice of shield for eyes that react very sensitively to sunlight.&nb..
T-Ray Top Case Small by SW-Motech   Lots of storage at a very competitive price. The..
T-Ray Top Case Medium by SW-Motech   Lots of storage for at a very competitive price. The..
Tank Bag CITY by SW-Motech   The EVO "City Tank Bag" is made from 1680 Bal..
Tank Bag DAYPACK by SW-Motech   The "Daypack" is one of the smaller size bag in the ..
Tank Bag "ION One" by SW-Motech   The ION One is the perfect bag for short trip..
Protect your tank from unwanted scratches (often caused by zips, buttons and belt buckles)..
EVO 2.0 Electric Top Ring for EVO Tank Bags by SW-Motech   The 12 Volt electric top ring ..
High quality motorcycle tie down straps that include a carabiner fastener at one end for a safe and ..
Tool Tube for QUICK-LOCK EVO Side Carries by SW-Motech   This great tool and spare p..
The TRAVEL KIT is a must have for every long distance ride - Save $29.95 You also receive a free ..
TraX Canister by SW-Motech   Suitable for oil, fuel and other liquids Capacity: 2 Li..
TraX Canister Kit - Another SW-Motech optional extra for your TraX Luggage   Mountable..
Another great idea by SW-Motech - A wall bracket for your TraX side cases when they are not mounted ..
Not all tyre repair kits are the same.This comprehensive repair kit will assist in the repair of bot..
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