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ROK Straps Pack Strap Luggage Straps

$19.00 *  

* Price is GST inclusive

Product Code: [ BC.ROK.00.711.10000/B ]


ROK Straps "flat stretch straps" are designed specifically for motorcycles, ATV's (quads), and snowmobiles.

These innovative luggage straps allow you to secure anything to a motorcycle without scratches - no hooks. This means less time spent loading and unloading, without compromising the security of the load- or the safety of the rider.

Loops on both ends can be secured to just about anything, and the mid-strap buckle allows you to tighten the strap to your needs. The double stitching and polyester braiding combine for superior weather resistance and tough wearing longevity. Colour: Black Length: 310-1060 mm


ROK Straps Pack Strap Luggage Straps
ROK Straps Pack Strap Luggage Straps ROK Straps Pack Strap Luggage Straps

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