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CLS200u Electronic Chain Lube System

$315.00 $239.00 *  

* Price is GST inclusive

Product Code: [ 127.00200 ]

Ideal for frequent riders, long distance riders, or just for those who don't want to have to lubricate the chain by hand any more.  
Did you know that between 10 and 30 degrees celcius the viscosity of lubricant varies by up to 410%? No wonder you always had to fiddle about with the other brands of oilers.

The CLS 200µ chain oilers have the following advantages:  

  • A temperature sensor automatically regulates the flow
  • Lubrication rate is adjustable while riding using the rotary switch
  • Suitable for motorbikes with either carburettor or fuel injection: operates only when the engine is running
  • Saves money in the long term by increasing chain and sprocket life
  • Ships with a 250ml oil tank, which will lube the chain for approx 12000kms (250ml) before needing refilling, and 1lt of oil which is good for about 50,000kms

Please choose the size you require based on the measurements in the picture and the available space on your bike. Product is backed by a 2 year warranty.

CLS200u Electronic Chain Lube System
CLS200u Electronic Chain Lube System

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