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CLS Electronic Heated Grips

$275.00 $199.00 *  

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Product Code: [ 127.00500 ]

Temperature controlled heated grips- a world first! Should the temperature fall below 15 degrees C the grips are heated automatically after starting up.

Once the system is active the microprocessor measures the ambient temperature by means of a temperature sensor mounted on the handlebars. The heat output of the grips is then determined according to the ambient temperature. When the temperature falls the heat output is increased, when the temperature rises the heat output is reduced. Temperature measurement is repeated every 15 seconds so as to be able to react to short term variations in temperature. This is particularly important for example, when traveling over a mountain pass where the temperature can change significantly in a very short period of time.

Because each person’s sensitivity to temperature is different, the heat output can be manually adjusted using a rotary switch. Using this rotary switch the system can be regulated four steps down and five steps up from the basic setting. Each step varies the heat output by about 5%. Nevertheless the temperature dependent control which varies the heat output remains active, it merely operates from a different base point.

Additionally, the system only activates itself after the engine has been running for 20 seconds, it waits this period in order not to unduly load the battery which may be somewhat weakened from starting the engine.

These heated grips are incredibly simple to install – just connect two wires to the battery, no tampering with the bike’s wiring needed.

Backed by a 2 year functional warranty.

CLS Electronic Heated Grips

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