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CLS Electronic Heated Grips
Temperature controlled heated grips- a world first! Should the temperature fall below 15 degrees C t..
$275.00 $199.00
Ex Tax: $199.00
CLS200u Electronic Chain Lube System
Ideal for frequent riders, long distance riders, or just for those who don't want to have to lubrica..
$315.00 $239.00
Ex Tax: $239.00
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CLS (short for Chain Lube Systems) is another highly engineered German line of motorcycle parts and accessories. Their innovations fall into three major categories; chain lubrication, heated grips, and CAN bus adapters which allow for control of the systems themselves.

Motorrad Garage stocks the world first CLS electronic heated grips, which are automatically activated a certain temperature and work to maintain blood flow to hands in cold weather, so the rider maintains control and grip. We also carry the CLS200ยต electronic chain lubrication system, which automatically lubricates the chain and is controlled by a switch- this ships as an easy to install kit.

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