Air Transfer Hose | HWC-001

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Air Transfer Hose

$11.99 *  

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Product Code: [ HWC-001 ]

This tyre inflation hose assists in the rapid inflation of tyres which helps to seat the bead.The braided rubber hose is 1.5m in length with high quality brass chucks at both ends.
To use this hose simply fit one end to the tyre that requires inflating, then with a positive and precise action fit the other end to an inflated tyre. The moment both ends are connected, air will transfer from the inflated tyre to the flat tyre at a rapid speed. Its this fast transfer of air that helps to seat the bead. Both Tyres will now basically equalise. To remove hose disconnect at both ends simultaneously and top up both tyres to the manufacturers recommended pressures with a hand/foot pump or compressor. 
For Safety Reasons we recommend that eye protection be worn and ensure that you will not over inflate any tyre when using this item

Air Transfer Hose

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